Saturday, November 03, 2007


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Taking it back the early days of G.O.M.E. - As go Big Jack's moods, so goes G.O.M.E. I think you guys will really dig this one, though. I'm no DREAM THEATER fan, but I love their cover albums. This is the classic Dark Side record, performed faithfully by DREAM THEATER, in excellent sound quality, and in front of an audience. I love the original, so I listened to this with a skeptical ear, and I still really enjoy it. The highlight of this album, regardless of who is performing the tune, is always "Us & Them". BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME did a great rendition on their covers album, but this DT version probably takes the cake. I'm biased, though. I could listen to a band of trained apes playing "Us & Them" with Ja Rule on vocals and still get misty-eyed. I don't like prog rock, nor do I like DREAM THEATER, but I recommend this to all the Faithful. If you're not already familiar, check it out. You'll be doing yourself a favor. By the way, if the lovely Jodi M. ever happens to stumble across G.O.M.E., yes I'm finally giving DREAM THEATER some credit. I love 'em when they're playing other bands' songs [rimshot]!

No tracklist necessary.



ksn said...

big jack - great post! definitely agree with dream theater. all of them are incredible musicians, but labrie's voice(named after cheese? kinda fitting somehow) has always annoyed the hell out of me.

their album cover gigs for MoP and Number of the Beast were very cool, had no idea they did one for floyd.

thx again!


Matt said...


Matias said...

WOW!! I hv never expected this from Dream Theater! Braketrough posting BJ!