Friday, November 02, 2007


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I didn't come in here to dine. I don't care if you think ORANGE GOBLIN is generic or not, this record is an absolute masterpiece, produced by Scott Reeder and featuring the great John Garcia on two songs ("Jesus Beater" and the absolutely awesome "Made of Rats"). Most of you are probably familiar with this slice of stoner history, but to the uninitiated, you need to check it out. I love ORANGE GOBLIN, but Coup de Grace was their peak. Check out the MISFITS cover "We Bite". This album is flawless from cover to cover.

1. Your World Will Hate This
2. Monkey Panic
3. Rage of Angels
4. Made of Rats
5. Whiskey Leech
6. Getting High on Bad Times
7. Graviton
8. Red Web
9. Born with Big Hands
10. Jesus Beater
11. We Bite
12. Stinkin' o' Gin



Big Jack said...

144 downloads and nary a fucking comment. You leeching cunts should be ashamed of yourselves.

ogmonster said...

Well I didn't D/L this as I already own this gem and their others as well. One hell of an album and band.

You got that right, Big Jack!! What are you pussies waiting for at least say thanks for all the hard work and money you just saved.

Anonymous said...

Great band! Very heavy, very groovy, very funny! Thanxx 2 ya 4 this 1!

deserted-monkey said...

Hey thx for this one, mate!

Anonymous said...

cool stuff! great site, thanks dude!