Saturday, November 24, 2007

MELVANA (1992)

It's been a while since a Melvins post, so, here is H2F for you guys, enjoy it.

Buzz Osbourne: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Novoselic: Bass
David Grohl: Drums
Recorded on 1.15.92 a Wednesday at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA. Both these songs are by Flipper. A one-time live collaboration between Buzz and the two members of Nirvana. Nobody seems to know if this was a melvins show that the members of nirvana showed up for and played a couple covers pre or post melvins set and if there were any other songs played either by these three or other groups. According to a 1995 interview with Dave, they played four full songs.

1. Sacrifice
2. Way of the World



Big Jack said...

Ahhh this is cool. They did play four songs, though. I believe there's another Melvana 7" (recorded the same night) with "Someday" and "Love Canal". Great stuff. Anyone that covers Flipper is aces in my book, but Buzz and Dave are the absolute best.

Ignacio said...

Gracias, Matías!

X-Angel said...

Nice post, Matias! Did you take a vacation? Well, I'm glad you are posting again! Cheers!

Jazzp said...

hey up!
I've just found this blog and I must say it's absolutely fantastic. Lot's of things I allready love and lot's of things I've never herad of before. Can't wait to start listening to all the exciting stuff you put on here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Andy Warstar said...

Mr. Mel Vana is as fine a singer as Mel Torme. Muchos Gracias, senor...