Saturday, November 03, 2007


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I guess it's been a minute since I've thrown up a QOTSA boot, so here ya go. I actually meant to post this months ago, and thought I already had. Blame it on the nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol.
This is a great set, though. Great energy, great soundboard recording, great setlist. The 250 of you that are gonna download this without leaving a comment...well...I guess we at G.O.M.E. bleed for leeches, so enjoy, suckercocks. To the Faithful, this one's for you.

1. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
2. Go with the Flow
3. I'm Gonna Leave You
4. A Song for the Deaf
5. Hangin' Tree
6. A Song for the Dead
7. Better Living Through Chemisty
8. Avon
9. No One Knows



david said...

Thanx again.I ,ve gotta grab this

Anonymous said...

Thanks, from a polite leech.

Sangresabia said...

Damn, why you have to make me feel bad? Well' at some point I meant to thank you for several good leads. Thanks also for The Atomic Bitchwax's "Boxriff" post. That's my new favorite album ever.

rian_xjml said...

thanks guys, i've got a (radio) recording of QOTSA at the 2001 BDO if you guys want it. let me know and i'll see what i can do.

Matias said...

HAHA BJ, so you are gauging response..this are the kind of post that brings new GOMIES...see? 5 comments in a row..

jordan said...

i may have even seen this show, if it's the melbourne set.

Cheeto said...

Thanx, guys, for this show. I, too, have several of their shows. I believe at least 34 shows, with about 80% of them being SB quality. I'll get a list typed up and e-mail it to Matias. You can see if you want any. Salud, and keep up the great work you both do here at G.O.M.E.

karl40 said...

One word : thanks !

Big Jack said...

Cheeto-- I'd appreciate that, man. The Queens boots are always a big hit here. Thanks!

Peluka said...

Nick Oliveri: I miss you so much.

Ignacio said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, G.O.M.E. is the best music Blog on the web. Keep up the good work.

El rock chingón said...

Nice live set!!!, Thank you man.

Big Jack said...

You guys all kick ass!

David, Sangresabia, Anonymous #1, Karl, Ignacio, Anonymous v2.0 and El Rock Chingon-- Thanks, you guys. Seriously, your feedback means a great deal to Matias and me, even if it's just a quick word or two. It lets us know we are indeed bringing the best rock & roll to the people, and that our work (if you can call it that) is not in vain. Stick around/keep coming back. We care about your future (©Mighty Matias)

Rian-- Hell yeah, we are always looking for QOTSA boots, especially soundboards and radio broadcasts. If you want to upload it and send it to me at, I'll make sure it gets the proper post it deserves. Thanks, man!

Cheeto-- If you want to contribute some Queens SBs/broadcasts, I'll be more than happy to reimburse you with a shitload of sludge and noise that doesn't quite fit our format! HAHA!

Peluka-- I miss Nick too, man. I won't bash the last two QOTSA albums like most of our ilk, but it's apparent, both live and on record, that Nick is the heart and soul of the band. Somehow when Nick and Josh get together, they make classic music. When they're at odds, they make GOOD music. Josh is obviously the better songwriter, but I think when he writes with Nick in mind he writes more powerful stuff. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. I probably am. Fuck, I'm still throwing silver dollars in shopping center wishing wells in hopes of an eventual Kyuss reunion.

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ,

great upload, great one to add to the rest of QOTSA sets,
Little question do you have the 98'
5-track demo (red about that one on
the www), can't finf that one anywhere?

Hey Mathias, please remember my request a long time ago, Yawning Man live gig! (& Across The River still stands of course)

Nice work guys, keep it up!
Cheerz Ron

Btw, check fuzzbox's site's comments for my latest uploads,
maybe something interesting showed/shows up.

Peluka said...

BJ, reading your comment, i was thinking, there is very few of Nick band in GOME... I remember something in the begin of your blog... can you post something?

Chawbacon said...

Awesome! thanks.

josh PT said...

WOAH. i've been praying this was about somewhere! thanks so much.

From another polite leech. =0]

Anonymous said...

Mmm... I loves me some QOTSA live. :) Two thumbs up for this.
BTW if you may happen to have the recording of Big Day Out 2001 and could upload it that would be great. They played my favorite version of Mexicola then. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lots of good stuff. I've missed out on the full benefit of some of your old posts coz the links are dead. I appreciate what you and other bloggers do, though.

Kyle said...

thanks man this is awesome

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I actually LOVE Era Vulgaris as much as the first LP, am I on my own here??

Vasily Zaytsev said...

The link is dead. can you please reup link??? Thanx in advance!