Friday, November 09, 2007


Yeahh, an oldie baby, this is band that inspired many of the space rock fellows out there, great desert background, psych from toe to top. Indeed, I think this is the album that Lemmy recorded with them in his short career in Hawkwind.
Pay attention to “Masters of the universe” track and try to link to QOTSA earliest sound….Another piece of history on the G.O.M.E.

01.You Shouldn't Do That
02.You Know You're Only Dreaming
03.Master Of The Universe
04.We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
05.Adjust Me
06.Children Of The Sun
07.Seven By Seven
08.Silver Machine
09.Born To Go
And to pay off for my lack of recent activity down here, here is a bonus to my man RON, You benn asking for a pre-Qotsa Demo? Well I think that the only thing you will find is this..The Gamma Ray (as they used to call themselves before qotsa's name) demo of "Give the Mule what He Wants-Demo". I know I own you Ron...I'm on it..


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, Lemmy played on at least five Hawkwind albums: the one above, Doremi Fasol Latido, Hall of the Mountain Grill, Space Ritual, and Warrior at the Edge of time.

Ignacio said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!
I've been looking for a Gamma Ray demo for while...
Thank you Matías!!

Hey, do you have any Desert Sessions bootleg you could upload? :D


Big Jack said...

Excellent. This is one I've been meaning to check out, but never got around to it. This is Hawkwind's second LP. I've now got the first five. Thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

Love Ya, Mathias

Greetz, Ron

Anonymous said...

Lemmy didn't play on this one - Dave Anderson was the bassist.

Big Jack said...

I don't know if Lemmy plays on the other songs, but he clearly sings "Silver Machine".

Black Hole Son said...

Always loved the pounding rhythm section on "Give the Mule What He Wants"

Anonymous said...

Hey Marhias this is the demo I saw on the www,
do you or anybody else know about it,

Thanx Ron

kurt said...

Lemmy plays bass on the three 'bonus songs': Seven by Seven, Silver Machine and Born to Go. I believe they were all singles recorded a year or so after In Search of Space was put to wax.

Hey Ron, good luck trying to get your hands on that demo. I believe Hobbs, webmaster of the old site had a copy, but I'm not sure. Your best bet would probably be a guy who guys by the handle shinkibo that used to run a french/broken english kyuss family fansite.

Big Jack said...

Kurt-- Right indeed, my friend. Those Lemmy tracks weren't on the original release. Good call. Thanks for giving us the facts, man!

Anonymous said...

FYI the link ain't workin on the Hawkwind.

Anonymous said...

Link for Hawkwind is not working. Any chance you can reload. Thanx.

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