Monday, December 17, 2007


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Elevated Radio Cocaine Edition? I dunno,'s pretty high-energy. Check it out for a track from the brand new CLUTCH live release, as well as information about where to order your own copy. I did some digging, played some obscurities, talked too fuckin' much, insufflated my body weight, and drank a shitload of bourbon.

Stream or download. You know the drill.



jordan said...

is the clutch live release the one that was recorded in Melbourne last week?

if so, i was at that gig!

Cheeto said...

Ok, bro, just got done listening to this installment of Elevated Radio. Awesome set, this time around(They all are, but this one was stellar). Playing Trouble just made my day. Yeah, that Clutch live has not left our Ipod since we "obtained" it. I ordered my official copy last night, because this one is off tha hook! They will be here in Boise in March!!! Anyways, Big Jack, your drunken slurring is always great, it does'nt distract from the great music. If I could have a request, do a show that's all sludge aka Eyehategod, Grief, Sourvein, 16, Noothgrush, Cavity, ect.... OR a all DOOM show!!! Thanx again. I look forward to these every week. Thanx for the shout-out, too! OMG! you ended your show with one of my favorite songs balls down!!! National Dust rules!!!!Trucker Man, hell yeah!

CaptainIntercom said...

Shit I've been missing out, this is the first installment of Elevated Radio I've listened to and it's pretty damn good, definitely worth the download.

And shame on me, I had no idea the new Hermano album was out... Then again, shame on you for thinking Melbourne's in New Zealand!

Big Jack said...

Jordan-- Yup, same gig. You lucked out, man. Classic set.

Cheeto-- I like the idea of a sludge or doom themed show. Things are slowing down this week, so maybe I'll be able to put up a special edition. As for Clutch, I'll be seeing them right before you. They're here Feb. 28, I believe.

C.I.-- Glad you're digging the show man. If you go back and listen to the older ones, let me know if you find any dead links. I've kept them archived so I can re-up them for newcomers such as yourself. In my own defense, though, I knew Melbourne was in Australia! HAHA! I was just fucked up, and got "New Found Frequency" mixed up with "New Zealand". HA!

Peluka said...

The last Hermano album: