Sunday, December 23, 2007


What the hell? Too mainstream for G.O.M.E.? Fuck you, pal! This is, afterall, my blog, and I happen to love ALICE IN CHAINS. This is one of the better soundboards circulating. In fact, my sole criticism is in regards to the setlist: Where's my favorite AIC song, "Rain When I Die"? A great rendition of "Bleed the Freak" almost covers for the slight, though, and this is a thoroughly kickass set from a fantastic band at their peak. This was recorded live in Glasgow, March 2, 1993.

1. Dam That River
2. We Die Young
3. Them Bones
4. Would?
5. Rooster
6. Junkhead
7. Bleed the Freak
8. Godsmack
9. Sickman
10. It Ain't Like That
11. Hate to Feel



Matias said...

hell yeah man!!

Rinjo Njori said...

I would definitely have to say this about when it began to unravel for this band. I don't even own the 3rd album they put out. I heard it was crap. Be interestedin hearing this though..

Big Jack said...

Rinjo-- "Tripod" was a decent record, man, though not as great as "Dirt". "Dirt" is so good it makes me forget "Facelift", which was another fantastic record.

I saw AIC open the Clash of the Titans Tour in Springfield, IL. I knew "We Die Young", but that was it. The audience, including myself, my uncle, and some friends, were mostly oblivious...until a clearly tweaked Staley referred to us all as "idiots", "rednecks", "hillbillies", and "sheep-fuckers". In hindsight, I'm glad he said that shit, but as a wee lad, I was a voice among many in the chorus of boos. Adult film star Brad Nails can give you this same account of the show.

Anthrax headlined and stole that show, by the way.

David said...

the venue this was recorded in is the barrowlands, the best venue iv ever been in!

Cheeto said...

Hell yeah, Big Jack! You know being on my blog, I love AIC. I love them now, even with a new touring singer. Screw anyone who doesn't like em'. Thanx for posting this. I have several killer soundboard AIC shows and lots of other one-of-a-kinds from these guys, too. I'll dig em' out and post them. I think I already posted all their other albums. Props!

Peluka said...

I love AIC. A few years ago, i had a dog (boxer), called rooster, for the AIC song.
Thanx BJ!

Anonymous said...

Broken link, can it be fixed?