Friday, December 21, 2007


Just spreading a little holiday warm & fuzzies G.O.M.E. style. This tape's for everyone, but I can see the guys over at The Sludge Swamp really digging it.



X-Angel said...

Yeah, this is really good, and really creepy. My wife is off for the weekend and didn't like me playing this one! Do you have any info on this mix?

Big Jack said...

Uhhhh...lemme check. I didn't keep track as I mixed it.

Side 1:

Old Man Gloom - Gift
Boris - Blackout
Rwake - Sleep & Forget Forever
Warhorse - Black Acid Prophecy
Acid Bath - Dead Girl

Side 2:

Neurosis - No River to Take Me Home
Oxbow - She's a Find
Eyehategod - Self Medication Blues
Crowbar - To Touch the Hand of God

Cheeto said...

Awesome mix!!! Thanx alot, Big Jack!! And thanx for the tracklist.

stephen said...

Bro, I get an "Invalid Quickkey" error from MediaFire when I try to download it..... any chance you could check the link? cher..