Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is one our main man Rinjo was hunting for awhile back, and I was finally able to track down a decent copy. SNAKE NATION was the project of two original members of C.O.C., Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman, along with Brian Walsby. Because of this, it obviously has quite a bit in common with CORROSION's early-to-mid-'80s output. Let it be said that even in C.O.C.'s hardcore days, they stood out from the pack because of a distinct SABBATH influence, and SNAKE NATION is certainly not immune to those tendencies. In fact, the majority of the songwriting here is far more daring than the early C.O.C. records, resulting in longer songs and more tempo changes. "I'll Never Shake You" is a good example of this, while "Babylon" sounds like...well...a punk band that digs SABBATH. The ultimate lowlight, though, has to be Dean's rapping on "This Nation", which ruins an otherwise excellent heavy-but-funky riff & groove.

1. I'll Never Shake You
2. History
3. Green God
4. Babylon
5. Behind the Flag
6. Waltz of the Toad
7. Process of the Spiral
8. This Nation
9. I've Seen the Man
10. My Head Feels Like Several
11. Monstrosity



Rinjo Njori said...

You are the man-- Now I can finally get rid of my boombox that plays tapes. it's actually the only tape i still own.

BTW-- have I ever mentioned that this is perhaps the most underrated side project of all time. Mike Dean ruled as the vocalist of COC. His song on Probot proves the guy still has it in him to be a frontman. I love Pepper COC, but if he quit and Mike fronted the band-- This northerner would not care one bit.

ks from h-town said...

Great post here!!! Thanks for this one!!! What a gem!

spiral said...

could please upload the snake nation album againi ? the mediafire link doesn't work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm so bummed, it seems to have been removed from mediafire, please if there is anyway I can get a copy of this I would be greatful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd also love to get a copy of this. I've got Eye for An Eye, Animosity, and Six Songs, and would love to complete my collection of early "CoC" stuff.
I would be so thankful.