Thursday, December 20, 2007


LID was the legendary Eric Wagner's first post-TROUBLE project, also featuring ANATHEMA guitarist Danny Cavanagh. Truth be told, I've often tried to appreciate this album, and it never stays in heavy rotation. There's definitely some great stuff here. My primary beef is that the record too often veers toward mainstream metal (which, come to think of it, is a complaint I've applied to TROUBLE more than a time or two). The fantastic production might actually hinder the quality of the record, in that it just screams "ARENA METAL" in all its shiny pristine brilliance. If you're too young to have thrown up in your mouth upon hearing TSOL's Strange Love for the first time, then simply rewind to 1997, and imagine what PEARL JAM fans were listening to when they really wanted to "kick some ass". Still, that's not to say there isn't a lot to like here. "Rx" is among Wagner's absolute finest work, and while I'll always be a little creeped-out by his obsession with THE MONKEES, Wagner's Bowie-esque take on "Randy Scouse Git" actually works. Of course, speaking of Wagner's obsessions, THE BEATLES must be mentioned. That influence is prevalent throughout the album (probably more so than on any TROUBLE album, thanks to Cavanagh), but culminates in a cover of "Don't Let Me Down".

1. Lid
2. Mary Agnes
3. The Dream Is Over
4. In the Mushroom
5. Window Pain
6. Rx
7. You Are Here
8. Randy Scouse Git
9. Alive
10. For All My Life
11. Don't Let Me Down



Ignacio said...

Thanks for this one, Big Jack!

Cheeto said...

I posted this one a while back on my blog, and didn't get any comments (not uncommon, as you know), but I thought someone would appreciate it. I guess all the Trouble fans were out of the house that day. Hopefully people will say thanks to you for posting this little gem. I thank you, anyways!

No Title said...

I just found your blog 5 minuts ago. I Love stoner and LID is one of my favourite. Thanks
I'll upload some stoner one day on my blog

Anonymous said...

hello!! I first heard this band 4 years ago in a Peaceville compilation, and ever since I 've been trying to get this album, without any luck..the download link isn't working and another torrent download of mine has staked to 84%. my email is :
if some1 owns this CD I'd be gratefull if he could send me these great tracks..thnx in advance and greetings from greece.!