Thursday, December 20, 2007


If you dug the SNAKE NATION record, or you're just an old school CORROSION fan, here's a bit of a gem. This is also a good history lesson for younger fans of the Keenan-era C.O.C. I'll never quite understand the logic behind this release (despite living next to Pepper's former roommate for a year), but I'll tell you what I do know: Original hardcore/thrash/crossover/whatever-the-fuck growler Eric Eycke left the band after their debut, Eye for an Eye, so original members Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman and Reed Mullin re-recorded three songs off that record with Dean on vocals, added three more, and released it as this EP. I was but a wee lad when I discovered C.O.C., and needless to say there was no internet, and therefor no information at my disposal. I looked at the cover of this EP and assumed A) Mike Dean must've died, and B) This is a live EP released in tribute. I was obviously wrong on both counts. Still, it's worth a listen. If nothing else, it features the only good song about liking your rock & roll loud. [This EP was later appended to the re-release of Eye for an Eye. I have the originals. Do you? HAHA!]

1. Eye for an Eye
2. Center of the World
3. Citizen
4. Not for Me
5. What?!?
6. Negative Outlook



Rinjo Njori said...

I love Mike as the frontman and actually had a chance to see him singing back in '87-- but it was never meant to be... . They were playing with Ludichrist at the Anthrax. Unfortunately they had to cancel due to van issues. I have only seen the Pepper version of the band.

Cheeto said...

I have all the originals, COC has always been one of my favorite bands. Both versions of COC. Good post, Big Jack!

El rock chingón said...

6 songs ... is a great album, but my coc's favorite is Animosity.