Thursday, December 27, 2007


From the cover you may realize what is this all about, cars, women a boobs (thought there is no boobs on the cover, just me figuring it out, ha!) but a great record to listen while doing something else..
If you are hitting the road this hollidays, you must have this on your car..
01 - Taming The ram
02 - Fastback
03 - My Curse
04 - Lot Lizard
05 - Ice Cream, But No Reply
06 - Fire In The Trailer Park
07 - Super Sport
08 - Play It Loud (With The Rock N Roll Outlaw)
09 - Lizard Reprise
10 - Louisiana Strawberry
11 - Farewell Little Girl
12 - Untitled
13 - Mrs Satan (Acoustic)
14 - Shitheel (Acoustic)


Big Jack said...

Hell yeah, Matias, this is a good one. Perfect for road-trippin'.

IGGY said...

What?!?! I Fuckin love you guys! A groovy band from the state which I was raised...

Steve said...

Yo dude, thanks a bunch for this. I can never get enough of the psycho-stoner.

Preston said...

Yo man, I've been searchin' for The Glasspack for a long while, could you please re-upload this? Maybe we can work out a trade, I don't know what I might have that you don't, but we could see.

Pi said...

I second a reupload. While mediafire is easy when downloading in quantity it sure deletes things fast.

Anonymous said...


Romain said...

is there a way to reup please?