Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yellow #5 - Demon Crossing (2005)

Check out these names: Molly McGuire (Mondo Generator), Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator), and Dave Catching (Earthlings?, Mondo Generator). Chris Goss (Masters of Reality) does guest vocals on "Moon Man".

It's not heavy or stoner rock at all. The closest comparison you could make would be to the softer, female sung Desert Sessions tunes, or some of the Earthlings? stuff. But the songs are strong and will stick with you after only a couple listens. Some of the tunes are poppy in a singer/songwriter kind of way, others have a jazz swing to them. Over it all are Molly's infectious vocals, conveying a sassy, sultry attitude that adds a neat personality to the tunes. Brant's drumming is laid back and tasteful, like his work on the Jalamanta album. He quietly holds down the beat without distracting you from the melodies. Dave Catching adds some pedal steel here and there to add some twang to a few of the songs.


Anonymous said...

oh damn! this is really something you got here Mat. the voice remainds me to lydia lunch. great stuff, thanks


Rockspeny said...

Thanks Matias! Always wanted to hear this one, never got round to it.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this album like a year ago but i lost it, now im trying to redownload it and the link is dead, damn bad luck