Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sahara Surfers - Spacetrip on a Paper Plane (2010)

Michael, the drummer of this band sent me this over Facebook to share it with you and spread the word, so here we go....

2 things to point out. One, that they are from Austria, I haven't heard much bands from that country I think, so it's kind of an exclusive for me, and the other issue, a female lead singer, which is something you don't see everyday in this scene, so, before even listening to it, you know something interesting will come out.

Going trough the tracklist you will find different textures, from quiet & dark passages to heavy power riffs, but what really hooked me was the singing, great voice & extremely catchy chorus, and when you have that, you got a winner..
Overall sound is excellent, very tight for a first release, solid mix, very well played intruments, like any German or Swedish band we are used to hear here.
I guess my favourite track would be the opening "Colour Jam" which I can guess is inspired somehow in Colour Haze, I can tell you that for the kind of guitar chord progression in the chorus, with an extra 5th... well you will realize that for yourself..

So here you have another "must listen".. and don't forget to support the artists, order now while they are unsigned.
One more time, thanks to the guys for sharing this "famous to be" band.

01. Colour Jam
02. Propeller
03. Age
04. 812
05. Sister In Shade
06. Gas


Peluka said...

Muy buena banda!
Te deje (desde el anonimato) el split de Los Natas/Solodolor, el otro día, y el de dragonauta, discazos de este año.

Matias said...

jaa sabia que eras vos peluka loka!
ahora posteo el de solodolor, me gustó mucho mas el de dragonauta.
gracias viej.

Peluka said...

Si, el de Dragonauta es espectacular. El otro día los fui a ver sonar en vivo, pero me hicieron esperar mas de dos horas con bandas soporte malisimas, por lo que desistí. Otra vez será.