Saturday, August 21, 2010

Red Stoner Sun - Echo Return Promo (2007)

Well, I posted previous albums of these fine German gentlemans.. and found this, a promo edition of an album thar never came to light,  4 tracks only.. I don't know the story behind this, but if someone knows what happened to them please advice.


Insane Riez said...

Great stuff! Thanks!

dan said...

I like this a lot, good work, thanks,

Anonymous said...

A damn good one. Thanx!

marceese said...

i just have uploaded our 10yrs anniversary compilation. the other ones comin up soon... for now: "Are you stoned? A great collection of outtaspace tunes 1998-2008". thank you all for those good words! check:

peace! marceese / red stoner sun

marceese said...

hey folks,
check the RED STONER SUN discography here.
feel free to download and spread the word ; )

best from berlin - marceese / red stoner sun

Dave C. said...

you said you posted things from this band before, but this is the only post labeled as red stoner sun...
Could you post more things from them please?