Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Kyuss - Sons of Kyuss Demos (1990)

I didn't know I had this... anyway, here is a good set from Kyuss early days, most of the songs were released a year after on "Wretch".
Don't ask for quality, because there isn't, but in this case, quality is rarity.

01.Freedom run
02.Stage III
03.I'm Not
04.Big Biker
05.Highway 74
06.The Law

Grab it


Anonymous said...

Matias said...

uhh ya salio tambien ese?
gracias anonimo loco,

not said...

AÚN FUNCIONA! OHH GRACIAS! Ya iba a bajarlo de otro lado y hacer mirrors para gente desesperada como yo ahah. Saludos y gracias nuevamente!