Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sort of Quartet - Victim a la Mode (1999)

As promised, here is Victim a la Mode, the more accesible TSOQ album I guess, suitable for all Fatso Jetson fans..

1. Bush Wacked
2. 7 Degrees of Bacon
3. Lotus Wald
4. New Suit Review
5. Behind the Old Geerage
6. Wild About Animals
7. Enter the Oaf
8. Ocatillo Fist
9. Fantastic Oaf
10. Brownshine
11. Rising Sun Red
12. Oaf Revisited
13. So Called Sickness
14. Again With the Oaf
15. Blank as a Tart

I'm also a  victim


Mari said...

Thanks a lot, Matias! \m/

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hope you keep postin´things like this

Anonymous said...

Matis thx for reup really appreciate it^