Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sort of Quartet - Planet Mamon (1995)

Lady Mari requested to reupload this band once again, and because we can't say no to a lady, specialy to one who has shared a lot of music with us from the Swamp, here it is, once again, The Sort of Quartet disc.
Don't know what it is? well it's Mario Lalli's experimental side (one of the many).

Next post will be "Victim's a la Mode", which is closer to Fatso Jetson's sound and feel.. for now, enjoy this.

1. Twisto Mambo
2. Bahgdumas
3. Cone Jo Pedo
4. Jocky Slovakia
5. Caustic Soda
6. Funeral For The Magnatone
7. Planet Mamon
8. Road Runner
9. The Big Stomp

Sort of a download link..


Mari said...

Lol ... Sort of huge thanks from the lady/witch, Matias!
Very kind and very gentleman.
Ah, these South American hombres ... :-)

Anonymous said...

The link is broken!!! Please fix the link!! I Love Mario lalli's music !!! This damn music Is so hard To find !!

Dragonaut said...

please reup