Sunday, August 08, 2010

Los Natas - Solodolor (2010)

our long time reader, Mr Peluka ( who in 3 years haven't been able to leave a single fucking comment in English haha) sent me this one.
Well, this is special edition from Los Natas, or at least from Sergio Ch (vocals, guitar)..

Solodolor is a side project which involves Sergio Ch (Natas) on gtr&vox, Billy Anderson (the famous producer) on bass, "El Topo" (Dragonauta) and Gustavo Rowek (argentinian metal scene icon) on drums, featuring some covers, even from Natas, with some guest singing from outside the project, and 3 own songs, pure sludge baby..

01. El ass de espadas (Motorhead)
02. No time (t.s.o.l.)
03. I don''t mind the pain (Danzing)
04. Rutation; naciste asi...
05. Soma
06. Thumb (Kyus)
07. Green machine (Kyuss)
08. Sunday horse - Solodolor
09. The battle of mocha poo - Solodolor
10. La balada de solodolor - Solodolor


Psymin said...

Thanks for this, looks really good!

Mari said...

Thanks a lot, Matias!!!
I have contacted the singer to get this album 8difficult to find in Europe ...).

by the way, can I ask you a big favour? Is it possible for you to re-post or re-up the Sort of Quartet's albums? Thanks in advance!

Insane Riez said...

Great stuff! Thank you!

Matias said...

ok Mari, I will

Mari said...

Thanks a lot, Matias!

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