Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UFOMAMMUT - Idolum (2008)

Yes. More Italian Rockers...

Formed in 1999, Italian avant-rockers UFOmammut are a psychedelic sludge band with influences ranging from Neurosis, Kyuss, Pink Floyd and early Sabbath. Consisting of core trio Poia (Guitars, Synths), Urlo (Bass, Vocals, Synths, Fx) and Vita (Drums), they invite Lorenzer of ‘Lent0’ and vocalist Rose Kemp to add their magic to two tracks. With an evil running time of 66minutes and 6 seconds, the Italian trio deliver 7 hard-hitting tracks which range from 5-10 minutes, the exception being the half hour monolith ‘Void/Elephantom’ which closes proceedings. The sound of UFOmammut is a unique combination of crushing post-metal fused with elements of stoner rock and space-rock. Occupying a similarly rough and unpolished aesthetic as early Isis, their sound simmers with an apocalyptic power which is inset with spacey undercurrents. (from expertmusic.com)

01. Stigma
02. Stardog
03. Hellectric
04. Ammonia
05. Nero
06. Destroyer
07. Void/Elephantom


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RobbyBobson said...

Already had this, but great to see it up on here anyway. Absolutely fantastic album. Real mood-music, but much more engaging than anything ambient.