Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Glasspack - American Exhaust (2001)

A deadly combination of Whisky and weed, I love this band, maybe for its simplicity, though they have very elaborated riffs and a unique sound. I think that they offer more than a traditional Southern whisky addicts motherfuckers band.

1. Hall Of The Mountain Speedlab
2. Smut
3. Whiskey House
4. Shut Up & Ride
5. Powerbait
6. One Kentucky Night
7. Jim Beam & Good Green
8. Sunday Afternoon



Big Jack said...

Oh yes. Matias, good looks, ol' chap. Excellent post!

Masterburner said...

And while I wasn't paying attention, Matias and Big Jack posted all kinds of great shit.

I need to fiddle with this fuckin machine and join in on this microcosm more often...

Matias said...

Thanks guys...
-masterburner, in a couple of weeks we are going to have some news regarding "The Gome phase II"... stay around.

blong93 said...

Looking for a couple of other Glasspack records as well.