Monday, May 11, 2009

Ten East - Robot's guide to Freedom (2008)

The second Album of this super band... check out these names :Gary Arce (guitar), Mario Lalli (guitar), Bill Stinson (drums), Scott Reeder (bass), Bryan Giles (guitar), Greg Ginn (guitar, keys), Billy Cordell (bass). Can you possibly imagine the outcome?...

01. Nocturnal Migration
02. Sun Filter
03. Hogbreath
04. Ocean Dome
05. Octopad
06. Silkworm
07. Hexxon
08. Moon Tail
09. Where the Hunted Hide
10. Lockjaw




ksn said...

jesus, that's some contributors list...been wondering what ginn was up to hehe.

looks intriguing, thanks for posting!

headed to DC to see mastodon tomorrow (kylesa and intronaut supporting), psyched for that.

Matias said...

Reminicences of the SST era...

Godd luck at DC

RobbyBobson said...

Strikes me as a heavier Yawning Man, especially Rock Formations stylee. An instant classic, cheers!

Jordan said...

Fantastic as always, Matias. I wonder though, could you re-upload the first Ten East record? I downloaded it ages ago but it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Thanks. :)

Timothy Garrett said...

Unfortunately the link is down. Maybe you could put it up again?

Dragonaut said...

please Re-up this man

Dragonaut said...

please re-up this man