Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out (1985)

Their instrumental album "The Process of Weeding Out" Aptly named because many fans loathed this album as a departure from hardcore which "weeded out" those fans and also because most of the band with the exception of Henry Rollins had begun to get stoned frequently and the music on this ep certainly reflects that. Stoner Jazz Hardcore Jams to the max.
Enjoy this Greg Ginn masterpiece

01.Your Last Affront
02.Screw the Law
03.The Process of Weeding Out
04.Southern Rise



RobbyBobson said...

There are some amazing bass lines in this, cheers!

Masterburner said...

badass, much love.

Matias said...

yeah, this is all about bass lines rather than guitars...

JackTrane said...

sweeet. i'm always looking for more black flag. i've been trying to download some of your other posts, but a bunch of them say the file has been deleted on the host website. thanks dude. i'll be blazin up to this shit