Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bongzilla - Gateway (2002)

It's time for some Sludge here in the Gome...
I find it hard to place them genre-wise, but simply for the sake of comparison: they're a little more mid-tempo than most sludgecore, but not aggro mid-tempo like Cavity or something. Their guitar sound is very round, thick, and heavy, but not terribly abrasive, which is closer akin to stonerrock. The vocals shred like crusty sludgecore. The weed lyrics are straight up stoner. Would you call this sludge? I don't know...

1. Greenthumb
2. Stone a Pig
3. Sunnshine Green
4. 666 lb. Bong Session
5. Trinity (Gigglebush)
6. Gateway
7. Keefmaster
8. Hashdealer



Anonymous said...

good blog! man, from argentina
this is my blog

Matias said...

gracias loco, me parece que te robo el de black flag...
gracias por pasar

Anonymous said...

This record is so fucking good, many thanks for the upload!

Anonymous said...

dale nomas! con el de black flag

Anonymous said...

just good stoner sludge man love it for what it is not the genre name