Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Astronautas - Electro-Cidade (2004)

Our friend Jody Frosty dared me to post some Brasilian rock bands...and it's true, We never posted any Brasilian band (even thouhg one of my all time fav band is from Brasil, Sepultura), so.. here it is my friend..I found this on his blog @ a-conspiracy and is very interesting, I have to pay more atention to Brasilian Rock scene.."O mais Grande do mundo"

Astronautas is a band from Recife, Brazil that make a sound with a bunch of guitars with some electronics effects in way half industrial, half stoner. In this second record, the band shows a great production with all the rhythyms and solos are very clear and well balanced, wich makes a musculous sound. Fantastic record! Top 3: "Cidade Cinza", "Tecnologia" e "Revolver #3".

1.Cidade Cinza
3.Comunicação Em Bossa Moderna
4.Não Faço Nada
6.De Sol A Sol
9.Fora de Controle
10.Negar é Afirmar
12.Revolver # 3

DOWNLOAD (uploaded by A-conspirancy)


Titus Bresthell said...

just for the fact that sepultura are also one of my all time favorite band, i follow your advice and download this one!

Jody Frosty said...

Hey, what a surprise to find this record here. I recommend you to listen some MQN and Black Drawing Chalks too. MQN is my all time favorite band from Brazil.

Cheers from Belô!



Matias said...

Titus, this has nothing to do with Sepultura.. I was just saying..

Jody, I liked the Black Drawing Chalks, I' ll check MQN..


Anonymous said...

i`m very very happy with your idea... here in brazil we have great bands with originals sounds... i can help you with some bands.. search madame saatan, is a band from Pará. Take a look in my band too in our myspace... .we are from Salvador Bahia,,,