Sunday, May 24, 2009

Truckfighters - Mania (2009)

The brand new Truckfighters cd, for our friend Romain, since its new and easy to get, I will take the link down in one week.
It sounds like Truckfighters........

01. Last Curfew
02. Monte Gargano
03. The New High
04. Majestic
05. Monster
06. Con of Man
07. Loose
08. Blackness




Romain said...

Hahaha, cheers!

I have listen one track on their Myspace, so just one track, but i tasted less incisive to me.
I ll let you know.

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this album. I urge you all to buy it off -- TF deserve your cash!

Matias said...

yes, they do

Big Jack said...

Yeah, this is fuckin' awesome. Great score, Matias. They're stretching out a lot more on this new one, experimenting more. I dig it. And I do encourage everyone to support Truckfighters and Fuzzorama.

Dr. Carrion said...

Listening and enjoying right now...


Rockspeny said...

Thanks Matias, been wanting to listen to TF for a while, and this album has hit the spot on the first listen, always a good sign. Prefer this to their first album that I have also listened to.