Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm back, fuckers! Thanks for sticking around. I don't have a whole lot to say that I didn't mention on the show, but I do apologize for the lengthy high-atus (© The Good Captain). I've had a lot going on, guys. Hell, you all know how it is, the GOMIES are the sharpest bunch of bad motherfuckers in the world! Sometimes, life gets in the way of rockin' and takin' it to the people. It SHOULDN'T, but it does. So I'm not gonna make any more promises I can't keep. My sole vow to you, the G.O.M.E. Faithful, is that I will try my absolute DAMNEDEST to have a new show for you every week.

I think this week's show is pretty solid, though you already know if I didn't like it, I wouldn't play it. I think back to Cheeto saying he burned each show for his feline friends. He can't be the only cat doing that, so this week's installment is all about positive energy. It's getting warmer outside, at least in my neck of the woods, so this is rock & roll to light a grill to. Drink some beers or corn whiskey. Roll up your secret "special occasions" stash. Plug in and come up with some rockin' shit for The Elevator Sessions. And make sure you let Matias know how much you appreciate his hard work. If it wasn't for him, G.O.M.E. would've faded away long ago. He's kept us alive and thriving and kicking ass with steel-toed Argentinean boots!

Thanks are in order for all the GOMIES still checking us out, especially The Brotherhood listed at the right of this page. Thanks in particular to Cheeto and X-Angel for "supplying new ragers" (© Kill 'Em All).

This the return of both Elevated Radio, and a fully functional G.O.M.E. Let me know what you want to hear.

Thanks again, and cheers!

Big Jack

You know the drill.



Rinjo Njori said...

I was streaming the new Raconteurs when I caught this on my reader.. No choice for me... Welcome back

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you !!

Iván said...

About time! How's the hand? Hope everything else is well. I'll bump this on the ride home from work. Wooohooo!

mad4music said...

Welcome back, Big Jack! It's good to hear Elevated Radio again. Plenty of strong selections in this mix... I particularly enjoyed the Fatso Jetson, Brant Bjork, and Fireball Ministry!

Black Hole Son said...

Damn, who told you about my special secret occasions stash?!

The new show rocks like a motherfucker, though I can't say I expected otherwise. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster was definitely a good find. I rate it 5 out of 5 beers.

rinjo njori-- I'm glad you mentioned that... totally forgot about their new album. Definitely need to check it out.

Matias said...

yeah Man!! welcome back! I'm 2000 miles away from home now, but I`ll be fully operational in some weeks, I hope. Now I got to take a bus and make a 20 hours trip, so i will download it to my ipod and begin a long fucking trip with good company.
BJ, nothing to thank man.
Now, I'm going to say something I never said to you before.
"I love you all"..
Cheers man!

Rafael Galdêncio said...

Hi there! :D

As a G.O.M.E fan, I have to ask for this.
Please, link stonerrock.4shared.com...
I have 9 kyuss albums uploaded. Anyone can download.

Oh hell yeah! Google translated this text for me. Don't blame me for the english. :)

Cheeto said...

Big Jack,
Good to see you back in the saddle again. We have had a hard run of things on our blog, too. But I try to keep it going. Life gets in the way. I'll D/L this later today, and comment then. Love ya, man!

Anonymous said...