Sunday, March 02, 2008

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - You're A Woman I'm A Machine (2005)

Definitively not a standard G.O.M.E fare, but man… I don’t know what to post that hasn’t been posted yet on all this “stoner bloggers brotherhood” so, I opted for this that someone labeled as stoner rock, I prefer to call it prog, or just indie but don’t let this last confuse you, this two Canadian guys (drum & bass only) truly rocks…Enjoy

1 Turn It Out
2 Romantic Rights
3 Going Steady
4 Go Home, Get Down
5 Blood On Our Hands
6 Black History Month
7 Little Girl
8 Cold War
9 You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
10 Pull Out
11 Sexy Results



Anonymous said...

excellent album dude, but this is hardly prog, just some good old fashioned indie. a friend of mine knows one of the dudes in this band (theyre from toronto), turns out they already split up.

again, great album. theres a remix of this album out called "romance bloody romance" which has a track remixed by josh homme. pretty good.

btw, i'm a long time g.o.m.e. lurker coming out of his shell.

Anonymous said...

it kicks ass.

Matias said...

Yeah guys, see? I thought about posting the remix but It would be to shocking for the regular G.O.M.I. to fuking bad they splitted up, and in bad terms for what I read....anyway, if you see this guy, tell him to contribute on the elevator sessions :lol:
See you around man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is off the beaten G.O.M.E. path, but I am into it. Love the indie stuff too.

crunchmonkey said...

Go there for lots of live DFA 1979 bootlegs and remixes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the download!