Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I thought I was the only one Argentinean who knew and enjoys the mighty YAWNING MAN, well, after hearing this, I do know I'm not alone now.....what this guys pulled is an overwhelming records, with a sound engineering amazingly great for a band of this kind..
(Remember, we are talking about Argentina and his lack off producers& engineers) so nothing to envy the big (?) budget instrumental bands.
Trippy man! I recommend it

1. Hidrofobia
2. Paralexis
3. Acuático
4. Superastor
5. Las cuatro estaciones
6. Aquatalan
7. La nave nodriza
8. Tantra
9. Mantra


PREVIEW ONE SONG HERE (yeah baby, previews are back!!)


Matias said...

BJ, feel free to edit the post layout....I'm finding some problems when posting from firefox regarding blogspot template format.....the letters just go black and no mater how many times I change them, they keep that way...fuckers! BTW, check the preview, this album is amazing

anomiceleven said...

Hey guys, I have a small request... here is what I know...."In 1999, Gary Lee Connor (from Screaming Trees) released a 7" EP on the Sub Pop entitled Grasshoppers Dream/Behind The Smile; this album also featured Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

anyone have it?

I would love to hear it...

Ignacio said...

Ohhhhhh Matías, con esa descripción cómo no me lo voy a bajar?? Argentina nunca decepciona musicalmente... Y si lo comparas con Yawning Man, debe ser mejor aún.

Saludos loco
Cuídate y gracias por el disco!

Ignacio said...

Can you guys re-up Shaman's Seed of Decades, please?? That would be just great...

Thanks in advance!!


Big Jack said...

Matias-- This is fuckin' killer, man! Great post. I'll be back in action this week. Thanks for keeping us up and running.

Anomic-- Was that 7" released under Gary's name or Valis? I'll do some research.

Nacho-- Yeah, man. No problem. Just give me a day or two.

anomiceleven said...

think it was released under Gary Lee Connor...

Anonymous said...

mas que a yawning man, tiene mas de los natas y de colour haze, igual es pulenta la musica instrumental, por lo menos la de este estilo... ojala hayan mas bandas asi, que tanta chachara con las letras... los instrumentos hablan con los dedos adecuados...
saludos de shile compadre y bueno su blog...

Antonio Campos said...

Nice Blog !


Anonymous said...