Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This one comes to you, the G.O.M.E. Faithful, by way of our main man The Good Captain, of Sonic Daydream and Inner-Head Flight Royale fame - and what a killer contribution it is! How did I miss out on these guys? This is one incredible slab of rock, Gomies. Like I told the Cap'n, this record reminds me of both early MONSTER MAGNET and PANTERA's more groove-based music. I don't want to gush too much, and maybe it's just that I needed to discover something new after a tumultuous couple of weeks, but I find this to be a damn near flawless rock record. Over the course of Viejo Diablo, you'll hear traces of the aforementioned MONSTER MAGNET and PANTERA, as well as KYUSS, HAWKWIND, SABBATH, and even the STONES and STOOGES! Brilliant rock, excellent guitar work, heavy on the smack and trippies, tailor-suited for G.O.M.E., compliments of The Good Cap'n. Dig it.

1. Get Out of My Way
2. Galactic Blues
3. Viejo Diablo
4. Black Stone
5. Cosmic Emperor
6. The Sun
7. New Orleans
8. See You Burn
9. Demon Bitch
10. King of the Hill, Pt. I
11. King of the Hill, Pt. II
12. Super Galactic Gargel Blazter



Cheeto said...

I've got more material from these cats if you want it.....

David said...

These guys were swedish (I think) with a Canadian lead singer. Would be interested to hear the other recordings since I have had this cd for years but was scared off of reviews of the following cd sounding like Monster Magnet rip offs.

Anonymous said...

yep , they´re swedish alright . heard some demo track of them ages ago , but never had the chance to hear a whole album , real cool post !

Anonymous said...

great - can you upload Los sounds des Krauts ?
- maxi

Pat said...

These guys are awesome, back then I bought both of their albums after listening to a preview of "New Orleans". They got me in all this Stoner stuff.

Listen to Skintrade, their former Band and maybe Roadsaw..

But there is nothing as heavy and as psychadelic as Roachpowder!

Henrik said...

is it possible to repost this? keep up the good work!