Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Take it or leave it, but I've noticed that pretty much everyone to stumble across our cozy little corny of the blogosphere tends to worship at the altar of Brother Brant. This soundtrack is certainly cool for what it is, but ultimately, you need the entire visual experience of the film to truly appreciate it. There are definitely some highlights here, but a great deal of Sabbia's music is simple demos and outtakes in less-than-crisp quality. That doesn't mean the tracks aren't interesting - I'm just not gonna sit here and say the music by itself is essential Brant Bjork. It's cool to groove to, but for the full experience, head on over to Amazon and order the DVD. Kate McCabe did a fantastic job giving Brother Brant's music visual accompaniment. And there are used copies for like $6.

1. Cobra Jab
2. Cool Abdul
3. Drums & Cocktails
4. El Rolo
5. Fresh Coffee
6. Future Freak
7. Heavy Nature
8. Hinda65 (Return Flight)
9. Joint Ritual
10. Kaleidoscope
11. Let the Truth Be Known
12. Nectar Alamo
13. Palm Tree Reader
14. Rock n' Role
15. Shrine
16. Ultimate Kickback



ibjim said...

Hey, came across the mighty GOME quite a while back whilst googleing Fatso Jetsons Flames For All as I desperately wanted my own copy after getting a shitty rip off of bittorrent. I've only recently been trawling through your blog and I'm absolutely blown away. So much good music, as well as a good chunk of my own collection.

I just thought I'd drop in a good word, and a big thanks from the UK. It's so hard to find a good bit of stoner and desert rock over here!

Big thanks also for upping the Colour Haze stuff, I'm seeing them at Dunajam this year, should be good!

Anyway, I was wondering if you could re-up the A Tijuana Trip album you posted last August? Came across these guys myspace page and I'm loving what I'm hearing!

Cheers again

Matias said...

Great post BJ!
Thanks English dude you too! I want to take this opportunity to ask for the same request, even when I was who uploaded it, I just lost most of my colection and I'm trying to recompos it, could someone f the many who dwlded it re-up it? tahnks a bunch!

slik said...

Great post Big Jack. Just ordered the DVD. Soundtrack sounds great. Brant has a great sound. Always have dug his stuff. Thanks.