Thursday, March 06, 2008


The "other" Argentinean band from the small Argentina's stoner scene, Buffalo, with the former Los Natas's bass player (who plays guitar here). Their second release bring us a more powerful and volatile album, if you are looking for a new sound, you won't find it here, but it's always interesting to hear some Spanish singing rock. The overall production is quite excellent as well.

01. Tourismo*
02. Una casa
03. Guardapantanos*
04. Vertical
05. Infinidad
06. Hombre ciego
07. Karma*
08. Temporada de huracanes
09. Mi propia guerra*
10. El fantasma sobre Rio Grande
11. Ciudad perro

*My favourites


Lop said...

Hey when trying to download the file it says that is password protected.
Password? :)

great selection of music....downloaded poseidótica the other day

lop said...

found it on

password : dg1945

owl said...

Njet, it is: dg1939