Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roadsaw - See You in Hell! (2008)

"Crack open a cold one and get ready to rock the fuck out, because Roadsaw is back. The band has reconvened to record a new album titled “See You In Hell”. The core "Rock n Roll" lineup is back, with bassist Tim Catz, Riggs on vox, guitarist Ian Ross, Dave Unger on keys, and long time friend and fan Jeremy on the Drums. The reinvigorated five-piece has already destroyed one Boston club this year - expect more devastation to come. This is the culmination of every great riff, of every memorable melody. This is the "fuck you" attitude that defines rock n’ roll. This is Roadsaw."

1. Intro
2. Who do You Think You Are
3. Look Pretty Lonely
4. Go it Alone
5. The Rules
6. See You in Hell
7. Up to You
8. Dead Horse
9. Leavin
10. It's Your Move
11. Receive



Matias said...

fuck, this link lasted only a few hours... it's a record here at the GOME.. well..we are cool anyway..

Rockspeny said...

I must be one of the few lucky ones to nab that when I did then Matias! A GOME limited edition!
Have you got your FB messge? Got a couple of other gooduns lined up for later in the week.

Matias said...

yeah man! I got yout message..feel free to send me whatever...

antonya said...

that sucks! unfortunately I got it too late! been listening to them on myspace for a while and like them really much...

Rockspeny said...

Hey Matias, since I became your only "customer" for this one, become a big fan of Raodsaw and their music, and now have two of their albums, Nationwide and Rawk n Roll. Superb! LOve bands that play classic rock-style tracks with phat rounded sounds and a focus on the things that matter in life like beer and driving fast (the Fu Manchu manifesto). Will be adding an original of this album when I can track it down as well.