Monday, January 11, 2010

35007 - LIQUID (2002)

more space rock from 35007, ( there you have Spencer) because you asked for it. This is my fave 35007's album so far..

01. Tsunami
02. Crystalline
03. Evaporate
04. Voyage Automatique



Matias said...

let me know if link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

so far?
will there ever be another?

Rockspeny said...

Thanks for this Matias, glad you posted this particular 35007 album as it's the album I most most interested in hearing.

Jorgz said...

Sweet! I loved the other 35007 album ya posted.

Matias said...

I think they are still active.. don't know if there will be another

fortnight1066 said...

Can't go wrong with 35007.

Rockspeny said...

Yeah, thanks Matias, hasn't overtaken Sea of Tranquility on my playlists but this is still superb rock music, really interesting to listen to, brings a kind of Vangelis touch to the World of Stoner rock.