Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Orquesta del Desierto - DOS (2004)

This is the second album from this elite gathering, and it is a jewel. Dandy Brown (Hermano) was extremely successful in creating an emotional and soulful record with the help of his impressive circle of friends, including Pete Stahl (Earthlings?, Goatsnake) and Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson). The uses of trumpet, piano and latin percussion give the album the feel of summer, and the longer you listen, the more stylistic similarities you'll hear to Chris Goss' work with Masters of Reality, both musically and in its production. A stylish acoustic cross between desert rock, salsa and blues.

01. Life Without Color
02. Summer
03. Above the Big Wide
04. Someday
05. Quick to Disperse
06. El Diablo, Un Patrono
07. What in the World
08. Over Here
09. Sleeping the Dream



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Matias said...

all right, thanks for spamming here haha

Rockspeny said...

Excellent post Matias, thanks for this, I know after one listen it's gonna find its way onto my originals list.

born2hula said...

cheers matias just what i was lookin for,you the man

Anonymous said...

Did Alfredo from QOTSA play on this record a well?

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It is a fantastic record, the talent and creativity showed in this one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

link doesnt work anymore :(

Anonymous said...

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