Monday, January 04, 2010


More from CHRIS KOSNIK (TAB, GOODSPEED)...this has been posted long time ago.. and here it is again.

"If the Atomic Bitchwax are guitar-focused rock, Black Nasa are about easygoing rhythms and grooves. There’s nothing manic or out-of-control about Black Nasa, but they don’t need to be that way. What’s needed most, and what Deuce has in spades, is a good hook. "Thanks Anyways" features Shovelhead’s Jim LaPointe on second guitar, and his solos offer a welcome contrast to the slide playing of Duane Hutter. If you’re looking for top-down, driving down the highway music, look no further than Deuce. Like Brant Bjork’s work, Black Nasa manage to capture the essence of good times. Good is good, rock is rock and this album is damn good rock."

1. Shabadoo
2. Colony
3. Kamikaze
4. Light
5. Thanks Anyway
6. Hut Nut
7. Boozer
8. Talking Candles
9. New World



Rockspeny said...

Thanks for this Matias, another hit! Was wondering why it reminded me of TAB, but of course its Mr Kosnick's influence.

Anonymous said...

good one tahnks!

anyone got their first album? cant find it anywhere

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Excellent album my brother recommended me it and he was in his right sense because the sounds and the singer are terrific.

Elliott Broidy said...