Thursday, January 07, 2010

House Of Broken Promises - Using The Useless (2009)

I didn't like this one that much, but here you have...

01. Blister.
02. Obey The Snake.
03. Physco Plex.
04. Highway Grit.
05. Justify.
06. Torn.
07. Buried Away.
08. Broken Life.
09. Walk On By.
10. Ladron.




Rockspeny said...

Thanks Matias! Been wanting to give this band a listen for a good while. Some of their stuff sounds too metal / us hard rock landfill, but some stuff is also good, so I'll reserve judgment till I've given it a listen, which will be sometime after Mediafire has finished it's extended lunchbreak, gggrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about this, the ingredients are there but it doesn't quite hit all the spots. Not as good as Unida and not fit to re-string the guitars of the mighty Karma to Burn,

fortnight1066 said...

I kinda felt the same way when I gave it a few spins. It just doesn't quite do it for me as a whole, though there are some good ones in there. Makes me miss Unida.

Matias said...

well, it's not Unida, that's for sure...there is something missing

Rockspeny said...

We all know what's missing, JC on vocals!! Yep, it's a miss, Obey The Snake is the best track by a way, I'll not be listening to it again. Thanks for humouring me and finding it for us to have a listen to Matias, you've saved me a few quid. So wanted this to be Urban Coyote pt 3.

Rockspeny said...

I can't type, that was suppsoed to be JG, but you all knew that anyway, right?