Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Asteroid - II (2010)

The first 2010 release... and what an album.. as good as their previous albums.
from Sweden here is Asteroid.

02. Dissapear
03. Karma
04. Edge
05. River
06. Lady
07. Towers
08. Fire
09. Time



Dangerbird said...

cool record. how do I get in touch with you? I want to send you a couple of records.

Anonymous said...

Why are you uploading the album here?! I represent the label, and it's really hard for a underground label+the band to get any money at all when people are spreading the music like this. How did you get your copy?! It's really dissapointing to see for us... hard struggling small underground. For fuck sake, steal music from the big labels, at least they have money...

Best regards
/Oskar, Fuzzorama records

Matias said...

Hey Oscar!
I know what you mean, and I understand, the idea is to spread the music, not to be an alternative to purchasing it... I'm sorry and I'm taking down the link.

A way to make it up for you, I heard some Fuzzorama's stuff and they are really great, so send me any material you want to promote, we have 1000's of daily viewers who who support small record labels. (the same goes for any other label reading here), I would be more than happy to help you guys and the bands taking your art to new boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Oskar, good luck getting your band anywhere, no one outside of people who go to their local gigs are going to buy their cds if they've never heard them before, and not like they're gonna be played on the radio. Any underground band can tell you that downloading helps them.

Best regards
/Common sense

Anonymous said...

Seriously, music isn't a business anymore... it's art... either make music for the people to enjoy, or don't... but don't expect to get paid anywhere else but your live shows.

You can thank the music industry for creating such a jaded listening culture... but it's a common reality now.

And to be quite honest, the first Truckfighters was an amazing album... but all the rest of them are quite lame... I WOULD HAVE BEEN SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED IF I PAID FOR THOSE ALBUMS!!

...just like the major labels disappointed me so many times in the past.

That's the hard truth man.

Rockspeny said...

Hey Oscar! Good to hear someone from behind the band on here, putting your point forward. This site is a big fat advert for bands like Asteroid, that I for one would never otherwise find out about as I don't read the music press, and the UK radio sure as hell ain't never gonna play this kind of music. If I dig something, I buy the original because I love to support the bands that take the time to play music I actually want to hear, not tunes some corporate bottom-line watcher thinks the demographic will pay money for.
Your band is getting straight to its core potential listeners here on The Gome, we are not ripping you off, be cool baby.
Thanks Matias, I DO like this one, Oskar may have a new customer. Keep on recording these bands Oskar, and keep posting Matias!

Anonymous said...

for those who didn't know:
oskar=ozo/ singer bass player of truckfighters