Saturday, June 09, 2007


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I was delighted to see Iggy request this one. Tunnelvision Brilliance was the best record of 2006, hands down. For the uninitiated, Scott Reeder paid his dues on bass with THE OBSESSED, KYUSS, and even UNIDA (for a brief time). On this particular record, he plays every instrument himself, and he sings every vocal. The record is truly a labor of love and commitment to the project, as parts of the album were recorded as early as 1987. So do parts of it sound dated? Absolutely. The faux-DEPECHE "Away" could've been left off, and as great as "For Renee" is, it still sounds like DEF LEPPARD's "Love Bites". But those songs are merely pieces of a brilliant puzzle. That puzzle is highlighted by the Lanegan-esque "Thanks", the whimsical "Fuck You All" (cough cough Josh Homme, cough cough Nick Oliveri), the beautiful acoustic ode to Scott's wife (the closer, "As I'm Dreamin'") and my pick for the best fucking song of our young millennium, "Diamond".

1. When I Was...
2. Thanks
3. The Silver Tree
4. Away
5. Diamond
6. When
7. For Renee
8. The Day of Neverending
9. Queen of Greed
10. Fuck You All
11. To an End
12. The Fourth
13. As I'm Dreamin'



Iggy said...

Thanks much for this and granting my Spine of God wish!

This is actually my first time hearing this so I didn't know what to expect though I knew it would be brilliant from the title alone...Its a very mellow laid back album throughout even for a track called 'Fuck You All'...I almost think I am listening to Pink Floyd at times...

I noticed your trend of works coming from former Kyuss members so it was only right that you throw this one up...I think we got em covered now...Each are very talented musicians and a Kyuss reunion is inevitable...We deserve it!

Big Jack said...

Damn Iggy, we all love Kyuss, but do we have to see those clowns kissing? Haha, great comedy.

As for Tunnelvision, yeah, it's VERY Floyd-esque, all the way down to Reeder's vocals. "Fuck You All" might be the most Gilmour-sounding track on the whole album. Lots of people have compared the record to Pink Floyd. Hopefully Scott keeps up the good work. After that kissing footage, I hesitate to say I hope he "keeps 'em coming".

Reverend Atman said...

thanx dood!

slik said...

I'm really diggin this album

Ana said...

Thanx a lot for this masterpiece. When I listen to it, another great album comes to my mind: To Record Only Water for Ten Days.

Psymin said...

ok ok..i got off ur elevator..but i swiped this whilst u was looking at Matias bending over. Thats what u get for loving vertical smiles. cheers again.