Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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Matias requested this double-disc warhorse, and since he's really contributing to the page, I feel like I should oblige him. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Big Jack is a huge fan of Brant Bjork's music. Bjork actually reminds me a lot of Chris Goss and Josh Homme, not just because of the KYUSS family tree, but because all three of them seem to have more music in them than they know what to do with. This sprawling doubler is not Bjork's best work in my opinion, but only because it's so diffuse. It introduces THE BROS, though, who are making a much bigger splash this year with Somera Sol. That said, there's a lot to enjoy here. "Lil Bro" is one of my favorite Brant Bjork tunes, and I particularly dig the "Sunshine of Your Love" cover. Brant's one of rock's greatest drummers, but he's not the most dynamic frontman. He's also not the world's greatest shredder. He makes up for it with solid writing, attitude, and an incredible ear. He knows what he likes, and it works. Saved by Magic isn't my favorite Brant Bjork project, but he's yet to release a bad one. Recommended.

Fuckin' A

1. Magic vs. Technology
2. Get into It
3. Kiss Away
4. 73
5. Lil' Bro
6. Moda
7. Dr. Aura
8. Gonna Make the Pony Trot
9. Sweet Maria's Dreams
10. Inside of You

Fuckin' B

1. Freak Levels
2. Let the Truth Be Known
3. Dylan's Fantasy
4. The Messengers
5. Paradise on Earth
6. Cool Abdul
7. Avenida de la Revolucion
8. Sunshine of Your Love
9. Arcade Eyes



Matias said...

What can I say? just many thanks. I agree with you that this is not brant`s best, but you must have in your collection if you appreciate this kind of music.
Well, I'm pay you back with the mighty Natas`s release on Man's Ruin (R.I.P.), one of the best albums in the genre (yeah, i`m including Kyuss and everyone), produced by Steve Albini, recorded somewhere in the US.
NATAS-Ciudad de Brahman 1999- http://www.mediafire.com/?53lvi3ktbji (higly recomended) and of course, a bonus Natas-Dragonautas Split - http://www.mediafire.com/?0gozhmmtwg0 , the natas side is very interesting, Dragonautas, just another band.
Thanks again, I will deliver some Taura's for you.

Big Jack said...


Wow! You really delivered, man. These will both be posted. Thanks again!