Friday, June 01, 2007


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For all you Gearheads out there, here's one of Neil's acoustic sets from last summer. Recorded July 23rd in Draperstown, Northern Ireland, this set is really a sigh of the bluesy approach CLUTCH would take on From Beale Street to Oblivion (though they'd been leaning that way for quite some time). The recording isn't the greatest quality, but the performance makes up for it...even if he plays "My Fat Mamma" twice!

1. My Fat Mamma
2. Malt Liquor/Mary Johnson
3. Worried Life Blues
4. Burning Hell
5. Regulator
6. Fixin' to Die
7. [break]
8. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
9. My Fat Mamma
10. Polly



revolution said...

i've been following clutch since 1993. i've literally grown up with them and i am definately a fan of their musical progression through the years.


Anonymous said...

Hi dude!
Thanks for this blog, it's amazing!
Clutch is one of my favorite group^. I've just listen the live at Hi-Fi bar(CD's from australia), and it's a big moment!!!!
I've never listen this solo accoustic, but i coming too late...
Can you reupload this please??
Thanks from The France Elevated !!

Bufftbone said...

yeah, please reup. you're files, as they get older can't be found by mediafire.

Tom "Keep the Yoy alive" Evans said...

I'm with Bufftbone, can this set get re-upped? Or if someone still has this can you contact me?

Anonymous said...

REUP PLEASE, great job otherwise, keep kickin ass