Friday, June 01, 2007

LOS NATAS - EL HOMBRE MONTANA (2006) ***Compliments of Matias***

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Straight out of Argentina, G.O.M.E. brings you the latest from stoner rock heavyweights LOS NATAS. This submission came from G.O.M.E. regular Matias. He posted it weeks ago, but if you didn't check the comments sections, you would've missed it.

This is a remarkable album. Actually one of the best I've heard in quite some time...even if it does remind me that I need to brush up on mis espanol. These guys are true "sons of KYUSS", with plenty of bludgeoning riffs accompanied by an ever-present groove, not to mention the Homme-esque guitar fills present throughout the album. LOS NATAS is a band of kick-fuckin'-ass musicians, with more diversity than most bands in the genre could every dream of. Just check the mellow acoustic tune "El Camino de Dios". The highlight for me, though, is the closer. "Sigue, Sigue..." is one of the best songs I've heard this year. I've caught myself playing this multi-part epic on repeat more than a few times since Matias turned me on to these guys. Highly recommended to the G.O.M.E. faithful as a whole. If you didn't love what LOS NATAS is all about, you never would've found your way here.

(note to Matias: I'm back on track now, so if you want to submit anything else, I assure you it won't take me three weeks to post it. Your contributions are appreciated, man!)

1. El Bolsero
2. Amanecer Blanco
3. No es llo Mismo
4. Humo Negro de Vaticano
5. La Espada en la Piedra
6. El Ciervo
7. El Camino de Dios
8. De las Cenizas, El Hombre...
9. El Soldado
10. Lanza Ganado
11. Sigue, Sigue...



Matias said...

Very accurate description, glad you like it.
Well, here is my litl contribution,
this is a related band to Los Natas, sort of Home's desert sessions, no comparison though, but if you liked Natas, is worth to have a glance. I don't think it deserves a post.
Well, my friend, as a way to show u my gratittude, during this week I'll be uploading the following on mediafire:
Master of Reality (a few ones)
Fatso Jetson- Power of three & Toasted
Era Vulgaris
Some Nebula and more...
Stay tuned,

Big Jack said...


Thanks for sharing this Santoro. Sounds excellent so far. I think this is indeed worth a post. Do you have tracks #2 and #4, though? Regardless, I am diggin' this.

As for your uploads, I appreciate that. Let me know and I'll make sure I get 'em up in a timely manner. I can upload "Toasted", but "Power of 3" would be FAN-fuckin'-TASTIC. My copy's messed up, and I've had a hard time finding a replacement. Thanks again, man.

Matias said...

Hey Big Jack,
Regarding Santoro, my bad, i collected the link from somewhere, but I will try to get you the remaining songs.
Now , time to pay back - you said it, a FANfukingTASTIC release, fatso jetson power of 3
and a bonus, something I been into last couple of weeks.
Yawning man - Pothead EP
Both, supreme audio quality
There is more to come!
My regards to Gav too.
Take care, keep em coming

Matias said...

well, my connection is working unusually fast, so I uploaded some more, here is Masters Of Reality, Deep in the Hole 2001 release, I think one of the best Josh&Nick non-QOTSA albums, if not their best. Pretty solid from begining to the end, is a pre Lullabies release, so here you will hear some familiar tunes, link:
Enjoy, man i know request is over, but could u post save by magic from brant bjork? its fucking difficult to get this.
well, with this, I made my day.

Big Jack said...


Thanks for all your help, man. I really appreciate your contributions. If I don't get the FJ posted tonight, it'll be up in the morning for sure.

Do you, by chance, have anything from a band called TAURA? I really dig their "Writhe" cover.

Thanks again, man!

Anonymous said...

jajaj estaba leyendo estos comentarios y justo pediste Taura, toma:

jajaj im just reading this coments, earing taura, you want it, you got it, sorry about my english.

Saludos desde Argentina