Thursday, June 07, 2007


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Here's another treat for the Deserthead section of the G.O.M.E. faithful. On this limited edition release, Brant picks and chooses from his entire solo catalog and debuts three new songs. These are not album versions, but rather the 8-track equivalent of the great Brant Bjork loading a bowl, cracking a beer, and covering his own tunes.

Brant sez: Some days, I just like to sit outside, under the sun, with my guitar, and sing my songs to myself. It relaxes me. It also reminds me what my songs are all about.

Tres Dias is available in very limited quantities. I suggest the super-cool yellow vinyl. I encourage you all to support Brant Bjork Duna Records.

*note: This archive includes a QOTSAXFM-esque bonus. I would prefer that it not be mentioned by name in the comments.

1. Too Many Chiefs...
2. Love Is Revolution
3. Chinarosa
4. The Native Tongue
5. Video
6. The Right Time
7. The Messengers
8. The Knight Surrenders Today



IGGY said...

Big Jack...I'm totally gay for you dude...I don't have a Blogger account but I have G.O.M.E bookmarked and check up got good taste man...any chance we could get Scott Reeder's 'TunnelVision Brilliance'?

Anonymous said...

Hey fella, thanx for posting this excellent Bjork. Do you have her "Post" album. That one was the balm diggity. Bjork is better than Brant. Schloefelt that is.

Matias said...

Fuck yeahhhhhh! man, this bonus,u fucking surprise me. I see how can I repay u for this desert breeze.
Talking about Brant, has anybody seen the Sabbia DVD?
Big Jack, u surprise me day by day.
See you all

Anonymous said...

g.o.m.e. rocks!!!!

i would love to see earth 2 here

Big Jack said...


Thanks for the a totally hetero way, of course. As for that Reeder classic - yeah, I think that can be arranged. Check back over the weekend.


Methinks ye got ye Borts mixtup.


Glad you're digging it, man. I figured you and the good Cap'n would get the biggest kick out of that one. You've been contributing more than your share, man, and I appreciate it. I won't get a chance to update until tomorrow, but your help will most definitely be recognized. I jammed to those Natas records all night last night. I was already semi-familiar with Los Natas, mostly through various compilations, but their albums are fucking BRILLIANT. You hipped me to some real cool shit, my friend. By the way, is MP9 your blog?


G.O.M.E. does indeed rock! Thanks for the props. As for your request, I will make it happen.

Huge thanks to all you guys!

matias said...

No man, i´m too fucking lazy to mantain a blog.... but as long as u keep posting good music i ´ll keep sharing. Next week will be full of surprises.
Regards man

Big Jack said...


Haha, I hear ya, man. I found that MP9 page, though, and saw that the author was a dude named Matias. Most of the posts didn't seem like shit you'd dig, but I still wasn't sure. I'm gonna work hard to get some quality rock posted this weekend (including your contributions), and I will brace myself for next week's surprises!

Gav said...

Another quality release by the main man, thanks for this dude,

Anonymous said...

Bro, you have an INCREDIBLE blog happenin'!! Thanks for all the righteous tunes. Especially Brother Brant.

Request: any chance you have Abramis Brama - Nothing Changes?
Incredible Scandinavian band & its their only outta print cd in English. Heard it once & it was killer.


Gordon said...

Thanks. Great album and nice surprise in there aswell. ;]