Monday, June 21, 2010

ROTOR - 4 - (2010)

In this 3 years we covered all Rotor releases, from 1 to 3, and this one, 4, won't be an exception.. so here it is, once again, the German band, from the mighty Elektrohasch records..

DOWNLOAD disabled..


ricardo said...

oh yeah! been searching for these over the last days..

Anonymous said...

great album man, love track 2, 4 and 7. stonerobixx, spreading neurotoxins and this blog are the best!

Anonymous said...

track 3 as well

josh mcgraw said...

Hey guys, I have been checking out your blog recently and it is fuckin excellent. Thanks for hooking me up with shit I have never heard. I couldn't figure out how to email or contact you guys so for lack of a better way I am just leaving a comment, hoping you will read it. I was wondering if you would be into posting my bands album on your site. We are from Vancouver BC and we are called the next hundred years. I am not trying to spam your site I just don't know how else to contact you and would be stoked to have either or both of our albums on your blog. Check it out and let me know:


Matias said...

Sure josh!!! reach me on facebook and we go from there..

It sounds very interesting man!! can wait to hear the whle thing..
cheers and thanks

Anonymous said...

fuckin awesome!!!
love the Obsesed cover

Rotor said...

thank you for your interest in our music and supporting it (but PREVIEW & MUST BUY! should be enough). you can also buy it on vinyl very soon! ...and this you can't download. i'm very interested in the blogger, matias. thank you that you spread our new record, but where do you got our music? you bought it? did you uploaded it on mediafire? or did you also just downloaded it and then spread it here? i know i should like this site, but somehow i don't...sorry. greets from berlin, marco, rotor-bass

Matias said...

First.. congrats Marco, I really like the band, from the first record to this very last, wich I think it's my favourite..
Now, since you are interested, it goes like this.. I found it somewhere to download, I did it, I listened to it, & the ordered from all thats heavy store, as I normally do with every Elektrohasch catalog piece. (my copy should be arriving soon.. I did uploaded, as I do with most of the files here, so if something happens, like it's happenng right now I can take the link down, as I did with this one, and It won't be available no more, nor this blog or anywhere..
I do understand your position though, and I know it's very hard to move forward with a band these days.. but please understand this is not an alternative to purchasing records, if you look some of the comments in the post, you will see that people actually buys this records, even when they are posted to download, why? first, it works like a preview before you buy(free promotion) and second, there is people that don't know the band, who would never buy a record from you, which now they know you exist, and hve more chances to sell a few copies more, which I'm pretty sure that this post did helped you in that matter.
But I don't want to get into this endless argument..
Link has been taken down, and I encourae readers to support this band (and the others covered here)..

Greets man! and keep it up!

Rotor said...

hey matias, big thanks for your words. and thank you for ordering the records :) i understand and i'm really thankful for blogs like yours that promote underground music.

we as a small band depend on people like you who like music and do this just for fun and i personally love sites like yours, because i'm addicted to music and these sites are a perfect way to find new music...

but i also think some review-mp3s and videos on our official sites are totally enough to give somebody an impression of the style of the music and maybe create interest in the music to order it. we have mp3s and videos with songs of the new record online for everyone to hear legal and official.

i think in the future i will offer all our records on our sites as mp3s for a price you can define...

thanks for you understanding and keep your cool site alive! greets, marco

Anonymous said...

We wouldnt be able to go to the website of Rotor if we never hear of a band named Rotor right? What I mean to say is, if I never knew that there was such a great band as Rotor, I would never been able to find their website, now wouldnt I? I can imagine that for new bands these blogs help them alot to get started. It would be better if once the band has gotten some fame the newer albums shouldnt be posted here, or only a preview of lets say 30 seconds of one song.

Anonymous said...

you see by posting this unknown bands, people who cant afford to buy the cd/vinyl can actually listen and enjoy them. this increases band popularity, look at kyuss now, it is all word of mouth/comments to why they are legends now, and garcia is raking in a lot of money. no publicity like this, band remains unknown like anonymous said before me. great band!

Anonymous said...

"Garcia raking in a lot of money"

Man,if you believe that...

Matias said...

haha, well, there is a reason for "Garcia play Kyuss" and I think it's because it's far of "raking in a lot of money" haha.. but in back those days they did some pocket money..
stay sharp for next post..

Rotor said...

hehe, very funny, where this discussion goes! i like it! it's amazing how their fame increases after they split up, but money i don't think so, we toured with alfredo hernandez and brant bjork and the told us, josh homme is the only moneyman :)

...but finally back to the first subject: please don't mix up the "free download culture" with "supporting bands benefit" - it's just a kind of excuse of music fans, who don't pay for their music anymore.

there are other ways for "supporting" a band, you don't have to upload whole albums! some official preview-mp3s and videos and well written album-reviews are the best ways to support bands. (i ignore the "no money" argument - it's a different much bigger political discussion.)

greets from berlin,
marco, bass, rotor

P.S. is there actually somebody who likes 30sec-snippets? i don't.

Matias said...

hey guys & Marco, join the facebook group and we can have more in depth arguments... (except football with you, germans.. fucking Klose haha..)
I'm Argentinian you know..

Rotor said...

I'm sorry, before the contest my tip for the world s´champion was argentinia! so i lost some money ;) greets, (facebook, i only use when i really have to - for the band...)

Anonymous said...

unlucky, germany lost today against spain. when are you guys planning on touring UK, please come along with your german friends colour haze, or my sleeping karma please.

p.s im the same anonymous commenter who commented on garcia raking in lots of money, whcih he probably is because of how fast those gigs are/were selling out.

Dragonauta said...

Menos mal logre bajar el disco, rotor es tremenda banda, quizas nunca llegen a tocar a Chile, menos a la ciudad donde vivo QUE NO ES SANTIAGO LA CAPITAL, de mi parte puedo decir, que a pesar de que bajo la musica gratis (aunque la gratuidad es relativa) no perderia la oportunidad de comprar algunos discos originales, ojala vinilos, pero ahora, con suerte tengo pa pagar gastos...creo que mucha gente qe pasa por aqui es de pensar que compraria el original, sobre todo por el caracter underground de muchas bandas que se postean por aca...y eso, habla de un sentido de comunidad mas alla de "bajar gratis" por internet.