Tuesday, June 01, 2010

NOGG - EP (2010)

I posted an album of them when they called themselves "EGGNOGG", and interesting mix between Doom & Alice In Chains/ Soundgarden kind of thing.. now, not only changed their name, but their direction also, this is a more "Black Sabath" record, yet, very very nteresting, last track it's my favourite.

1. Goya
2. The Plant
3. Drone
4. Hive
5. A Stranger On The Moon
6. Counter-Clockwork



Anonymous said...

Thanx me like!


John Plankton said...

can't wait to hear it, love this band

Mari said...

Thanks! Great stuff.
These guys are riff machines. I'm just puzzled by the dronish track: if compared to the rest of the album it seems to be done by another band ...

Matias said...

Ciao Mari!!
yes, it's very different from previous one..
arrivedercci bambina