Monday, June 28, 2010

Monkey 3 - 39 Laps (2006)

monkey3Our friend Jørgen reminded me about this lovely instrumental band from Switzerland, and since you love instrumental band in here, here goes their best record for me... recommended for 35007 fans.

1. Xub
2. Last Moulinao
3. Driver
4. Jack
5. Je Et Bikkje
6. One Upon A Time In The West



Anonymous said...

Best Album ive ever listened to, way beter than 35007!
Please let me know (in the comments) if there is anything compareable out there!

Would love to share some stuff with s.o. who loves this Album that much too.


Paul said...

These guys are amazing. I think I first hear for them form Robi at

Anonymous said...

Dude lovin the increased posting frequency lately...i'm checking everyday at work during lunch. Any chance you can post "Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere" by The Heads (if you have it)? Been strugglin to find that one. Thanks a TON again for the blog.

lorcan white said...

for Heads try heavycomet.blogspot and

petersmurf said...

Seen them on ROADBURN in Tilburg (Holland) and spoke to them about there 1st album. Thy recorded it in 5 weeks in a log cabin. Nice people, great album. The cover Once upon a time is brilliant.
The band has got a (2nd?) album with covers. Better don't by that one. Not far as good as the one standing her right now.