Saturday, June 12, 2010

Los Natas - Toba Trance II (2004)

Toba Trance II is definitely not as accessible as previous and forecomings releases. The mind-bending jams featuring the Los Natas signature sonic peaks and valleys are back in full glory, accented by South American/European mixed rhythms and influence indigenous of Argentina.
A must listen if you dig Natas's vibe.

1. Tomatito
2. Traicion en el Arrocero
3. Matogrosso
4. Humo de Marihuana
5. La Sepa
6. Que Rico (Live)



Anonymous said...

Hi, i get an error message while decompressing track #5
"\LunaNegra.rar: CRC failed in Soundproof Demo\05 Canyon Diablo.mp3. The file is corrupt"

Anonymous said...

ooops sorry posted the above comment in the wrong thread...

Matias said...

it's ok bro... try with this one:

should work