Friday, February 20, 2009


Let it be known that while I often use too many superlatives describing my favorite FUNKADELIC records, the P-FUNK conglomerate as a whole is not without its faults. Take Bootsy, for instance. Above all, before even mentioning the Space Bass, it should be said that he's a great guy. Friendly, approachable and every bit as cool as his records would indicate. His work with his RUBBER BAND stands with PARLIAMENT and FUNKADELIC's absolute best. My sole criticism of BOOTZILLA is that he always seemed most inspired under the wing of George Clinton. In fact, he hasn't recorded a cover-to-cover CLASSIC (and I do mean CLASSIC...not "good album") without being under George's umbrella. My feeling is that he tends to follow trends at times, rather than raise the bar, and that makes some his projects sound and feel a bit dated...which brings me to HARDWARE. C'mon,'s Bootsy and Buddy Miles! Produced by Bill Laswell! This should've been great! And the Bootsy-penned numbers are, despite the constant shred-on-10 nature of Laswell favorite Stevie Salas. Too often, though, Bootsy seems content to simply avoid the spotlight and hold down the low end in the background. Regardless, this is a solid hard rock/funk record with some soaring highs...and the lows are only low because of the rhythm section involved. I would've liked to hear a project like this with Eddie Hazel in Stevie's place.

1. Got a Feelin'
2. Waiting on You
3. What's Goin' Down
4. Love Obsession (Where the Eagle Flies)
5. Hard Look
6. Shake It
7. The Walls Came Down
8. 500 Years
9. Tell Me
10. Leakin'


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