Saturday, February 28, 2009


Let it be said, straight out of the fuckin' gate, that Glenn Danzig is a jerkoff. The guy from Southside Kings (or whatever), whose only claim to fame is laying Danzig out backstage on YouTube...he's a jerkoff, too. That said, DANZIG's solo debut is a fucking monster of a record. I'd actually forgotten how great it was until I rediscovered it snowed-in this afternoon. "Twist of Cain" is obviously a metal classic, and "Possession" is G.O.M.E. material through and through, but my personal favorites are "Soul on Fire" and "End of Time". Plain and simple, it's a big dumb metal record that everyone should have.

1. Twist of Cain
2. Not of this World
3. She Rides
4. Soul on Fire
5. Am I Demon?
6. Mother
7. Possession
8. End of Time
9. The Hunter
10. Evil Thing



Peluka said...

Hey BJ, great Danzig album, i put in my MP3 player rigth now.
I'm looking for The Knives first albums, self titled one, and Skin Flicks, Have you?
I think Knvies deserve a post, last album Filthy Angel rocks:
See you.

Dr. Carrion said...

Pure Classic! Nowadays, Glenn Danzig looks like He-Man! ehehhe

Matias said...

haha I remeber the video... too much naked torsos for me.. haha, I love Twist of Cain..