Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just about any review you find online will, at some point, mention In for the Kill! as one of the most popular NWOBHM albums. Perhaps that was true across the pond, but the record's cult fame in the U.S. can be almost directly attributed to METALLICA's cover of "Crash Course in Brain Surgery", and James Hetfield's constant mentions of BUDGIE in all the old metal rags. That said, "Crash Course...", in all 157 seconds of its glory, isn't even among the the greatest songs featured here. In 1974, BUDGIE had more in common with RUSH than any band that would eventually be classified as NWOBHM. These guys were too talented to be confined to one specific genre, despite Tony Bourge's mastery of the heavy riff. Some rock cats, GOMIES included, might find the directional shifts over the course of this album to be annoying at best, and totally pretentious at worst. You know, the way non-fans feel about RUSH. I personally dig extended suites like "Zoom Club", because they keep me interested and wondering what will happen next. Shorter numbers, like the aforementioned "Crash Course..." and the mellow "Wondering What Everyone Knows", set the stage for what's to come. "Hammer & Tongs" could've slid into any ZEPPELIN tracklisting nicely, and "Living on Your Own" is, in my opinion, BUDGIE's best song. While I've dropped a lot of names and comparisons here, the best way to enjoy In for the Kill! is to forget about all those bands and sounds and listen to the record as a whole.

1. In for the Kill!
2. Crash Course in Brain Surgery
3. Wondering What Everyone Knows
4. Zoom Club
5. Hammer & Tongs
6. Running from My Soul
7. Living on Your Own



ksn said...

nice little blast(beat) from the past hehe.

hope your weekend is treating you well,

Anonymous said...

128kbps mama rips better

Matias said...

well... FUCK YOU, go and buy the original if you want better quality.. we are not here to replace the CD..

BTW I recongnized at least 5 or 6 riff that been used way too long after 1974.. back to the roots, nice post

Paisley Panties said...

This is a great album, not what I expected at all. These guys are really all over the place. BUD-GIE!

No Title said...

Fantastic album. I bought the LP in late 70s and this one is still my Budgie's favourite.
Listen "Zoom Club"... Thrilling.
Budgie was really a huge band but not known as they should have